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Popular Songs
Jigs, Reels and more

Available for Pubs, Clubs, Weddings, Wakes, Divorces and Ceilidhs.

The Thistle 6-piece ceilidh band is also available with caller and additional instruments to provide a full evening of dances or mixture of songs, tunes and dance sets.

Call Mike (01253) 694671


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Left to Right
Mike Hayes
Clive Brown

Mike Evans
Heath Lavery
Bernie Brewin
Picture top right
Guitar / Vocals
Bodhran and Cajon drum
Banjo / Mandolin / Fiddle / Vocals

Fiddle / Harmonica
Bass / Vocals
Back in 1979, some friends gathered together in the Lane Ends Hotel in Blackpool, for an informal music session.  It was here, that through a mutual love of music and drinking, the 'Thistle ' band emerged. 
30 years on and still on the road .  

One of our favourite nights out in St. Annes was in the basement of the Bedford hotel on Clifton Drive, Kitty's was a bar with an Irish flavour and live music on most nights. 
Alas Kitty's is no more but you can still be entertained by
Thistle at several venues around the Fylde  (see gig list).


Thistle gig list for 2021





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Thistle have been descending on the unsuspecting public now for more than a quarter of a century, just when you thought it was safe to go back to the pub/club Thistle make another comeback (as if they had something to come back from ).
They are a five piece high energy Irish folk band, but offer more than just the popular sing along, jigs and reels. Thistle can create a unique atmosphere for pub, club or private function with their eclectic mix of folk, Cajun, country with the occasional offering of jazz and classical thrown in for good measure. 
Thistle are one of the best exponents of live music (no button pushing or backing tracks ) with their raw infectious sound with the odd mistake to keep you reminded that it is live ( as if you need reminding ).
The repertoire has evolved over the years by experiment and suggestion by the audience as the band believe the audience are as much a part of the evening as the performers and to come away from a Thistle gig is to come away with a feeling of being part of the event.
Thistle and their tribute band Evans Door are available for gigs.

Call Mike on 01253 694671 for details.
Thistle Song Book
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Thistle Archives
In 30 years, Thistle have many happy memories and you can share some of these here.  See how the line-up has changed.  See who you can remember from the past and find out what they are doing now.
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Malcolm left the band in March 2007. This followed the memorable incident at the afternoon gig on St Patrick’s day at the The Railway, Preston, when Mr Evans collapsed on stage due to an (involuntary) overdose of painkillers. He recovered after some fresh air and a ham sandwich and returned to the stage to the biggest ovation the band has ever received! Malcolm is now living in luxury on his Thistle pension and CD royalties (37p to date). Despite a promise to come and make the odd guest appearance this has so far not come to pass, although several sightings and an accidental phone call have been reported. 
Malcolm has been replaced to some degree by Cornishman Mr Clive Brown (damp-proofing a speciality) on bodhran and Cajon drum (a sort of amplified commode) and that most challenging of instruments, the triangle. Although not an official band member, he appears often as guest percussionist. Clive once (or was it twice?) fronted a rock band on vocals. He and his lovely wife Marilyn started as the band’s greatest fans after chancing across a performance at Scruffy Murphy’s.

Thistle's CDs .....  for sale here.

In Search of a Rose

Wild Mountain

Blarney Roses Branholm
Bally Bay Donegal Danny
Pigeon on the Gate/Farewell to Erin Working Man
Eileen Oge Connemara
Dirty Old Town Fiddlers Green
The Golden Stud Flop Eared Mule
Star of the County Down Caledonian
Easy Chair O My Dear Papa
Galway Shawl Margaret's Waltz
In Search of a Rose Beggerman
Willow Streams of Whiskey
P Stands for Paddy Music for a Found Harminium
TeeTotaller / Barmaid Wild Mountain Thyme
Roseville Fair Rain Mists Gather
If you Gotta Go  
Cliffs of Moher Set

Thistle CDs are available at £5.00 +p&p

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Evans Door
Formed in 1998 as an experimental offshoot of Thistle, Evans Door draw their inspiration from Blue Grass and Country Cajun music of America's deep south.   Using keyboards as the base for most of their musical arrangements, their repertoire includes traditional, gospel, country blues and Cajun, all performed in a light hearted and entertaining style.   
The line up:- Bernie Brewin:- Bass, Keyboards, Vocals.  Mike Hayes:- Guitar, Vocals.  Mike Evans:- Mandolin, Fiddle, Vocals.

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